1. Establish and maintain the highest level of professionalism and ethical     performance.
2. Provide multi-disciplinary engineering and quality solutions to clients     while involving qualified specialists and staff.
3. Apply Value engineering principles throughout the design procedure.
4. Actively engage the clients in concept formulation and decision making     throughout the duration of the project. Be fully aware of, responsive to,     and committed to the diverse needs of clients.
5. Add to the experience of the engineering team the most up-to-date     technical tools, software, and design codes.
6. Provide employees with continuous technical support and training to     develop and upgrade their skills, and implement a continuous evaluation     procedure to achieve a dynamic work force.
7. Encourage and recognize professional development and technical     achievements of employees.
8. Enforce team effort and team work environment.
9. Envisage, expand, and evaluate pioneering ideas, and endeavor for the     practical realization of such innovative design ideas.

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